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Elastic Bands



Double coil Elastic Bands ➞ 10 packs

Our most popular model!


You get a mix of colors (various new colors) with our 10-pack deal.

  • Départ le même jour – 3 à 5 jours avec Poste Canada (shipping 3 to 5 days)
  • FREE shipping on elastic bands (across Canada)
  • Each pack Contains 10 Bracelets (mix colours)
  • Each individual bracelet comes in a resealable bag (it’s reusable)
  • Improved formula (8% Peppermint, 8% Lavender, 7 % Citronella, 6% Geranium)
  • Double coil (extra durable)
  • Deet free, 100% Natural
  • Water resistant
  • Last up to 300 hours
  • One size
  • Covers a radius of 1.5 meters
  • Not suggested to kids under the age of 3yrs old
  • Parents supervision is suggested

Green Icons ByeBugs

We have developed a brand-new generation of mosquito
repellent bracelet with a double thickness protection.

This bracelet has a greater durability and offers a protection of over 300 hours.
It also has a more effective and stronger peppermint scent.

Our bracelets are infused with natural oils and are now the safer solution
to all other toxic products on the market.


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