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Faux Leather Bracelets


Faux Leather Bracelets ➞ 6 packs + BONUS (1 elastic)

  • Each pack contains 6 bracelets (mix colors) + 1 elastic bracelet
  • Each individual bracelet comes with a resealable bag (it’s reusable)
  • Formula (8% Peppermint, 8% Lavender, 7 % Citronella, 6% Geranium)
  • Deet free, 100% Natural
  • Water resistant
  • Last up to 300 hours
  • One size (adjustable)
  • Covers a radius of 1.5 meters

Green Icons ByeBugs

We designed these great looking bracelets, so you look stylish and stay protected from those nasty bugs! Each band has been infused with our essential oils, proven to be effective against mosquitos and other biting insects.

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  1. Reginald Urick

    This is exactly what I was hunting for; thank you for sharing this valuable insights.

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